Sound Bites

When writing about fishing in the South Pacific, it can be more effective to do it through visuals. From the trip last year with Wildlife Conservation Society, I created two videos for them to connect with local communities when it comes to managing their waterfront. As a one woman show, I  filmed, edited and narrated this. Stacy Jupiter, the director, and my friend from Peace Corps helped direct it. She had the brilliant idea of the juggling act. The time spent in Fiji on this periodic harvest project directly informed me about Fiji’s coral reef fisheries for the Special Reporting Award I received from

Two minute sound bytes took several weeks of filming and editing with three different cameras. NOt to mention a 10,000 mile roundtrip (twice!) to FIji to finalize and put FIjian subtitles in it (not shown.) The shorter it is, the more challenging it is to create. Brevity can be effective, but can toe the line of oversimplification. In this case, we went for repetition.

One day, it would be nice to be part of a team. THen I wouldn’t have to carry all the gear.

Size matters….For Fish from Amy West on Vimeo.

Fish For Future Fijians from Amy West on Vimeo.