Sea What?

So one of my stories is getting a lot of attention: Dying for sea cucumbers.

This and another SRI fellow’s story had the most hits on anything that ran on Mongabay that month.

Selling off beche-de-mer in Suva
Selling off beche-de-mer in Suva

Links to it everywhere! Below is my favorite because Mike used the word “reportage”.

The Best Shark Dive in the World!: White Teatfish in Fiji – brilliant Reportage!


The Fiji TImes is also interested in running a shorter version of the story- after all, it’s Fijians who should be reading this.

And on an exciting note, the NPR affiliate in Santa Monica, KCRW is interviewing me next week to do a 7 minute radio story on the sea cucumber’s biology, ecology and conservation. It’s called Good Food. The one question I can’t answer is: “what do they taste like?”

Many I have spoken to had not even heard of sea cucumbers. Of course, I knew about them, but didn’t know the extent of the trade or their consumption. So we are all learning. And that is what this career is all about.