All videos can be found on my Vimeo site. Here is just a smattering

Videos produced for US Geological Survey in Santa Cruz, CA: Time-lapse of Arctic Permafrost thaw, Coral Reef Disease in Kauai, Studying permafrost in Barter Island (also found here)


Video produced during deep-sea drilling expedition for the International Ocean Discovery Program

A Life Defined by “Core on Deck!” from Amy West on Vimeo.


Videos Produced for local communities in Fiji for the Wildlife Conservation Society:

Fish For Future Fijians from Amy West on Vimeo.

Size matters….For Fish from Amy West on Vimeo

From Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology on Youtube

Other vides also be found on the following sites:


Bamboo Bikes– UC Santa Cruz Magazine

Parts of my “Rapt by Raptos” video integrated in California Academy of Science’s video, “Fall Migration

Video footage used by Japan’s major television company, NHK, for earthquake documentary