Mutiny on the Reef

(guest blogger for Wildlife Conservation Society, FIji)

Top of Mt Mutiny seamount breaking the surface
Top of Mt Mutiny seamount breaking the surface

After the mutineers left Captain William Bligh to steer his own course, Bligh probably didn’t realize he’d passed so close to an astonishing seamount rising nearly straight up from the seafloor. Of course how could he, when cannibals were most likely chasing him from Fiji? In recognition of his plight, this popular dive spot has been christened Mt. Mutiny.

Plowing through calm waters between the two large islands of Fiji – Vanua Levu and Vitu Levu – where it feels like open ocean, “land” abruptly stops you in your wake: the seamount’s peak is visible at the surface. During low tide, you could theoretically walk on it.  Just a few hundred feet off its edge, the depth reaches down to 600 meters—a sheer drop…

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