Fun tidbits

Fiordland, New Zealand


Antarctic icebergs
Antarctic icebergs
Looking toward Silverton
Red Mountain Pass looking toward Silverton, CO





More than 30 Countries I have lived, worked in and visited:










A few lesser known facts

  • I can’t burp (and I am not alone) 
  • I’ve had the same piece of beaded jewelry around my waist since I graduated from the University of the Virgin Islands in 1996. It was given to me by an old Caribbean mama on the side of the road. I finally took it off in 2015
  • All the places I have lived line up around the globe with one diagonal line. Except for San Luis Obispo.
  • I thought I was going to Hawaii and found myself in a LA warehouse for a Discovery Channel, reality series even though…
  • …..I have never owned a television, and never will.
  • I was the only non-Caribbean player on my college soccer team. Oh and the only GIRL.
  • No cavities. No broken bones.
  • Helped save a man after he was stabbed. Needed a friend to wash out the blood from the back of my truck.
  • I only have 24 teeth instead of 32.
After game in St. Kitts- my UVI team and I.
After game in St. Kitts- my UVI team and I.
  • Can’t sleep without earplugs and total darkness. And my feet have to be warm.
  • Vegetarian since I was in 10th grade.
  • My entire family has blue eyes, and mine were the blue color of Husky eyes until after college and they turned green. No doctor can explain why this has happened.
  • Hit all the continents except South America.
  • One of my stories made it into the Congressional Record!
  • Abhor/avoid coffee or caffeine- (rely on my body’s natural way to wake up– while I still can).
  • Probably the only girl in my home town of Durango, Colorado with a skateboard, snowboard and mountain bike in the 1980s.
  • After being given Inapsin for anti-nausea during a colonoscopy, I went into a state of dyskinesia, (involuntary body movements), and couldn’t stop hitting myself or tapping my foot for nearly 12 hours. It was the most uncomfortable feeling I have ever had.
  • Raced Pro Mtn Biker John Tomac down a mountain in Colorado in the winter. He was on a bike. I was on a snowboard and had a headstart. He still won.


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