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Amy West

Postcards from the Field

My week out with USGS mapping the faults between San Clemente and Catalina Island. They are just a stone throw from LA, and yet, we don’t know much about either fault, including a third one that is west of Catalina Island- Catalina Ridge Fault. It’s kind of crazy.

Surfing for science

One might think the sport of surfing would be natural for someone who works in the ocean. But when you are at eye level with a powerful surge of water that’s about to crash onto your head and send you into a drowning vortex, I feel no connection to marine biology whatsoever. …

Aspire to Inspire

Writing is really freaking hard. At least when you have to do it. I find it easy to jot down personal thoughts …


Thanks to Christie Aschwandan’s Courage Camp in late August that convinced several of us that freelance science writing can be sustainable, financially and personally, I’m …